WTS Raiju in Jita


155m it is, send the contract my way

255m and I’ll take it :slight_smile:

256m is best what i can do

275kk offer


Name on whom to put the contract?

Paczki. This character. I get it for 275 million isk? Or did you forget a ‘k’?

forget a ‘k’" ))))



I got excited for a minute there. I would say restart the bidding, you had no serious offers for the price you wanted. I also dont have 275 billion for a ship :slight_smile: that would likely be more for an Imp.

My bid is no good anyways. Was almost double what you wanted with no real competition behind me. Take care mate.

thanks bro!

I’ll start you off at 115B

Contract the raiju to me please

contract sent to crafty crafter

I don’t think he ever accepts these contracts. I would be very interested to know.

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