WTS - Bhaalgorn, Concord Capital Armor Rep, 5 run Concord Capital Armor rep bpc, Gecko, Leopard, Genolution CA3/4, Selynne's Modified Armor Thermal Hardener

Selling the below at Jita 4/4:

Bhaalgorn x1 - 935.000.000, already up on a public contract

Concord Capital Armor Repairer x1 - 885.000.000
Concord Capital Armor Repairer BPC 5 run x1 - 740.000.000
Gecko x31 - 123Mx31 = 3.813.000.000
Genolution CA3 x2 - 500M x2 =
Genolution CA4 x2 - 500M x2 =
Leopard x5 - 230Mx5 =
Selynne’s Modified Armor Thermal Hardener x1 - 600.000.000

If you take all the above together, it’s 9,999,999,999. - this would be preferred.

I don’t accept contracts, or direct trades, I will create the contract, don’t try to scam me. I am alpha right now, so I can only create 1 contract at a time, and the Bhaalgorn is already up.

Mail me ingame if you are interested.

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