WTS Bilboe Swaggins


After many conversations with friends, and experienced sellers… I’ve come to the conclusion I would like to sell this character.

Minimum offer of 18b - B/O 25b (1b/1msp)

Skill board: EveSkillboard - Bilboe Swaggins
Discord: Arcanier#2856


Confirming that I, Bilboe Swaggins am for sale.

12b offer

Way too low mate, apologies


14b bo

Last carrier pilot like this with more SP sold for 15B, FYI.

I appreciate the offer mate, but same as last time I’d like a bit more for this toon.

15b offer

Again, I’d like to get around 20b for it. Thanks.



18b offer

19b offer

20b offer


21b Accepted, ISK Received, sending toon off now!

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