WTS Bling Mods (Purple/Red) & 'Marginis' Fortizar

All mods are located in Jita 4-4:

  • ‘Marginis’ Fortizar - 47.5b
  • Ahremen’s Modified Capacitor Power Relay - 1.25b
  • Ahremen’s Modified Heavy Energy Neutralizer - 1.5b
  • Cormack’s Modified Large Plasma Smartbomb - 4.5b
  • Raysere’s Modified Armor EM Hardner - 300m
  • Raysere’s Modified Energized EM Membrane - 300m
  • Tairei’s Modified Power Diagnostic System - 1.75b
  • Vepas’ Modified Thermal Dissipation Amplifier - 1b

Abyssal Magnetic Field Stabalizer - Taking Offers

X-Large Abyssal Shield Booster - Taking Offers

Abyssal Warp Disruptor - Taking Offers

Cormack’s Modified Damage Control - Sold
Raysere’s Modified Heat Sink - Sold
Rayseres Modified Large EMP Smartbomb - Sold
Tairei’s Modified Large EMP Smartbomb - Sold
Vepas’ Modified EM Ward Amplifier- Sold
Zorya’s Entropic Radiation Sink x2 - Sold
Zorya’s Heavy Entropic Disintegrator - Sold

Heat Sink, EM Ward and Disintegrator sold, rest still for sale!!

Some of these beauties are still for sale, get them now!!

Ahremen’s Modified Capacitor Power Relay x 1 i would like to make a 1.1b offer, thank you for your time

Sure I’ll accept that offer, contract is up.

Zorya sinks sold, but still some other juicy purple and red mods for sale!!

These available?

Yes I still have those, want me to contract them to you?

sure, can grab 24 hours.

Starting post updated, sold some mods and added new stuff. Cormack’s DCU, Faction Fort and an Abyssal Mag Stab with a Cormack base module!

btw one marginis forti for 42 b in contracts now \ friendly bump

Still some juicy mods for sale here, grab yours now!