WTS Blood Raider Victory SKIN and Armageddon Ironblood SKIN

9,4bil B.O.


Bid retracted

contract is up

Bid retracted.

Sorry m8, I’m going to have to retract my bid after checking Jita. Good luck with the sale though!

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9b offer

its ok, but pls next time first check jita, the think the offer, then make bid and then ask for contract.

its more easy for everyone in here. :slight_smile:

9,5bil B.O. i am sorry

daily bumb

price updated


bumbing slowly :stuck_out_tongue:



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contract is up @Achura_Deteis didnt reply, or accepted, so contract is canceled and my offer is still up

well known troll on the forums. never accepts


“well known” is a reach lol