Have to sell some BPCs waitng for offers
Location Jita 4-4


425mm Railgun I Blueprint 40x 300 runs ME0 TE0
425mm Railgun I Blueprint 3x 300 runs ME10 TE0
425mm Railgun I Blueprint 174x 300 runs ME10 TE20

Multispectrum Shield Hardener I Blueprint 60x 300 runs ME10 TE20

19x Drake BPC 15 runs ME10 TE20
41x Drake BPC 5 runs ME10 TE20
12x Drake BPC 10 runs ME10 TE20

9x Raven BPCs ME10 TE20 5 runs
81x Raven BPCs ME10 TE20 1 run

37x Archon BPCs ME 9 TE 10

23x Arbitrator BPCs ME10 TE20 15 runs

18x Augoror BPCs ME9 TE20 5 runs

20x Vexor BPCs ME10 TE20 15 runs
4x Vexor BPCs ME10 TE20 10 runs

Osprey Navy Issue Blueprint 20x 1 run ME0 TE0

Drake Navy Issue Blueprint 7x 1 run ME0 TE0

Caracal Navy Issue Blueprint 25x 1 run ME0 TE0

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