Located in Jita 4-4

Abaddon 10/20 - 2.8b
Cyclone 10/20 - 800m
Drake 10/20 - 800m
Maelstrom 10/20 - 2.3b
Rokh 10/20 - 2.3b

What ur best price on the bpos

Still for sale
Prices are negotiable

lol it’s not a car dealership. this ‘101 business tricks you MUST use’ line really cracked me up.


Still for sale

Still selling

Bump, still for sale :c

Rupture, Hurricane and Ferox, pls create contract to Yaco Yukutava, thx

Contract is up, sorry for a delay
Better to pm me ingame if you want to get anything else :slight_smile:

Still selling bpos, prices are negotiable

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