WTS Brian Dugaule 5.1m skill points


postitive isk balance
no jump clones
in perimeter in npc station
one remap used
+4 implants and remap to perception willpower (combat focused)






3.5 Firm

good enough. I need to get some things storted out as I literally have less than 20 dolalrs in my bank account. you can send your acct info and now or later Idc

Is this the proper Eve Channels or a third party that they approve of? I don’t want to get banned/


If u wanna talk more send and eve mail thru one of ur toons to Tagren Jett my main , or Alica Helgast my alt. I don’t wanan keep bumping this post either.

if you wanna talk about how to do this give me an eve time when we should meet up or when you’re home from work to be available. right now its 13:19 eve time as i’m typing this message. that is if you’re still interested in buying for 3.5bill

I can do 2.8 BIl if interested

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