WTS Bunch of Skins

Located jita 4-4, selling AT skins a bit lower than market to save the trouble of the 0.1 isk war of sell orders and the NPC tax’s.
Price change so much in jita, mail me in game about what you want and ill tell you my price below jita market.

Revelation Navy Issue Sanguinary Savant SKIN x11
Ark Sanguinary Savant SKIN x7
Devoter Sanguinary Savant SKIN x4
Minmatar Victory SKIN x2
Khizriel Arkombine Arisen SKIN x3
Sansha Victory SKIN
Devoter Sanguinary Savant SKIN x4
Vargur Chainbreaker Khumaak SKIN x4

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How much for a RNI Sanguinary?

2.25b per

Contract 2 to me please.

contract up



Would you accept 2b for another Revelation Navy Sanguinary Savant? If yes, contract it to me please.

firm @ 2.25

Ok. Contract one skin to me.

contract up