WTS C1 HS CV with POCOs and Raitaru - SOLD


(Vivianne Athonille) #1

C1 with HS static and CV effect
Includes all 12 POCOs and stripped Raitaru
Full moon scan data available!

Asking 3 Billion ISK, or best offer.

Pay full price and we’ll throw in several fitted Epithals and a couple dozen planetary command centers.

(Cngaar Aya) #2

Ping me if still available.

(Jita TheForge) #3

3b for all

(Vivianne Athonille) #4

3b accepted. Msg me in-game and we’ll make arrangements.

(Jita TheForge) #5

Mail sent

(Vivianne Athonille) #6

Sale completed. Would like to thank Jita TheForge and Hydra-Holdings for a pleasant trading experience.

(system) #7

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