WTS C1-HS (Wolf-Rayet) - Fantastic Industrialist Hole

  • http://anoik.is/systems/J104439
  • Wormhole comes with a well-fit and fuelled Astrahus
  • Very large number of moons (perfect for moon-mining)
  • Mediocre PI capabilities (POCOs at 10%)
  • Easy logistics via C1 static to move built assets/ores out to trade hubs
  • Safety of the smallest wormhole class’s mass restrictions (No Battleships but Nestors can come in or out without being hauled in DSTs, but defenders can build their own stockpile of BSs or even capitals for the home advantage)
  • Ideal for new-starting industrial corp

Evemail to discuss or post offers here
Half of payment to get entrance, other half to have structure transferred over to your corp.

Name a price mate, no one wants to play a guessing game!

edited to include a buyout price


Very large number of moons (perfect for moon-mining)

How many moons?

There are >65 Moons (Main reason for the interest in this hole)
Moon-scan data can be provided

I don´t understand, why 10bil is that a typo?

The Astrahaus barely costs 1bil, There are no pocos included in the sale? And PI is medicore.

What am i missing?

Bump - buyout brought down to 5b, offers from 3b.
65+ moons, insane moon mining potential!

What is the J-sig ??

68 moons total
And a bump!

After looking at the Jsig its is an 80+ au system . IMO 500 mil is prolly hte most you get but gl anyways

I offer 1bil

Just in assets (fit astra) there is 1.7b in the hole that I could unanchor and fully recover.
And that’s without considering the value of the hole (moons, and static)

Thanks, but offer declined

Hole + Astra still for sale!
68 moons in the safety of a C1 wormhole with a Hisec static for super easy logistics
Defensive infrastructure already anchored
Perfect for new industrial corps

Offers from 3B, 5B buyout.

Okay 1,8b offer then

Hole still for sale, comes with 1.7b in Astrahus

2.5B if sold today.

Price reduced - 2.5b (includes 1.7b of astrahus, 68 moons and an otherwise empty C1 with hisec static!)

Can you link the astra fit ??? may help sell it

Still for sale
2.5b for a 68 moon hole with a hisec static and an anchored and combat-fit Astrahus

Still for sale at 2.5B
C1-HS (Wolf-Rayet Effect)
Includes fit astrahus (+2months of fuel)
68 moons in the hole
No hostile POSes/Structures