WTS C1 Pulsar NS static

Selling a C1 Pulsar with Null sec static.

The WH comes with the following:

Armor Resists: -15%
Capacitor Recharge Time: -15%
NOS & Neut Drain Amount: +30%
Shield Capacity: +30%
Signature Radius: +30%




*48 moons for moon mining. ( 10 currently have Athanors on)
*Survey data available on request of the moons.


  • 1x Fortizar (Clone bay, fully fit for defence)
  • 1x Azbel (Capital Shipyard, Manufacturing plant, fully fit for defence)
  • 1x Athanor (Reprocessing facility, rigged for both ore + ice refining)
  • 10x Athanor (Mining drills)


  • 1x Naglfar (Unfit)
  • 1x Lif (Unfit)
  • 2x Rorqual (Unfit)
  • 1x Charon
  • 1x Orca
  • 2x Retriver (Fit)
  • 1x Covetor (Fit)
  • 8x Rolling Gnosis (Fit)
  • 4x Rolling Porpoise (for frigate holes) (Fit)
  • Fuel for rorqs + defense caps + cap boosters

Perfect WH for a small-medium sized industry corp looking to move into a C1, and get started immediately.

Price for all of the above is 34B

Please post here or mail me in-game if you are interested and want more information.

Get your hands on a juicy wormhole!


Still for sale, to the top.

Price updated!

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