WTS C1 Pulsar - HS Static - Structures and Ships inlcuded - Perfect PI

As the Title says, I am selling a C1 Pulsar w HS Static,

It has fantastic PI, can produce ALL possible planetary Commodities

Structures are included in the Sale (Medium Structures) so be prepared, they have their Price.

All in all it should be a very quick and easy transaction because everything you need is already inside the Structures and ready to use, there are Fitted ships already, and I am leaving all of the stuff in there so you don’t even have to move anything inside, you can even come in a capsule, and you’re good to go. Without the hassle of moving stuff in or out. It has a few months worth of fuel left so no need to bring any fuel blocks for a while.

For security reasons am giving out the J-code only on demand, and I will give you also some details (in a private convo.) about the wormhole that you need to know before moving in.

The price is 35bil unnegotiable, that’s still well below the value that you will get.
Since I will be taking a break from EvE and this Account will be going into Hibernation I will also accept PLEX instead of ISK if need be.

Hit me up if interested,