WTS C1 PULSAR w/ static LowSec (Off the Market)


A prime system is looking for new inhabitants. This C1 system is a shield lovers dream, the Pulsar bonuses will increase your survivability when flying shield tanked ships. This system is cozy yet spacious enough for a large corporation. A unique system like this also comes with some nice PI including the ever rare Plasma planet. It features a J244 connection to lowsec for some quick and easy PVP,maybe some secluded DED or relic hunting or open fields of FW.

Asking price is $1.5b.

System Info:
Multiple offline POS’s with mods for isk making options
3rd Party POCO’s (not affiliated with sale)
No one currently living in system.

This system will not last long, send Eve mail for serious inquiries.

Still Available.

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20+ Anoms in here and waiting for the right corp.

This could be Home sweet Home.

System still available.

A C1 Pulsar available now!!

Still available.

System still available.

Alex’s dealings were very fair and forthright. My corp and I are very pleased with the service. Would recommend. :+1:

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is it still available

still avalibe ? and if so can we negoitate the price

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