WTS C1 Red Giant; Ready for PI, Indy, or Retirement Fun

Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well.

We are seeking to sell a C1 wormhole Red Giant system. All POCOs are controlled and an Astrahus is anchored; these structures will be transferred to you. The PI in this system includes a variety of planet types that enable production of the P4 products Organic Mortar Applicators and Recursive Computing Module; a wide array of P3 production is available as well. Two offline structures belonging to afk\dead corps also exist to serve as effective scarecrows (but they can be removed if you wish)!

Enjoy a low-sec static with a roaming high-sec connection. The low-sec static helps ensure your hole will stay quiet and peaceful, while the roaming high-sec gives you great opportunities for easy and safe logistics when needed.

The Red Giant effect on this system leads to some interesting use-cases, such as camping entrance holes with smartbomb ships, or using stealth bombers to destroy unsuspecting victims that find themselves into your wormhole. Bombs here do a whopping 30% more damage!

This hole provides excellent opportunities for individuals and small groups interested in PI or industry. Pay zero taxes because you own the infrastructure, and you will profit more than you would anywhere else in New Eden. The C1-nature of this whole imposes mass limits on which ships can be brought into the hole (nothing larger than a battlecruiser), and so you can feasibly produce battleships inside and defend your revenue-generating assets with a significant advantage.

This system is also perfect as a vacation when your tired of your main character’s career (null sov folks, I’m looking at you), or as retirement home when going on extended periods of low-activity.

We are asking for a price of 4 billion ISK for this hole (POCOs and anchored Astrahus are included). It’s a great deal as you are paying for existing infrastructure without having to spend the many hours of grinding down existing POCOs, replacing them, making Jita runs for parts, etc. Please EVE mail me in-game or post here if interested :slight_smile:

Great timing, Mail sent.

Still accepting offers

Mail sent

System sold, thank you everyone for your interest.

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