WTS C1 Wormhole with Static HS (No effect) - 6 Billion ISK [SOLD]

Still for sale. Now is the time to purchase you’re very own C1 wormhole.

6bil for a c1 wow
What the Jsig ??

Can you show screenshots of today’s scan?

Black out the numbers, I am interested in knowing how many other exits.

ie 1) HS - Static

How many others?
Data sites and gas site numbers?

When was the last time you fully scanned this C1 WH? Do you have a screenshot of that?


It’s not just a C1. It’s a C1 with a fully fit Astra, with fuel and fighters. As well as 7 pocos.

Well worth the asking price.


It’s a C1 with a HS static. C1’s don’t come with any more than one static WH. In this case, as it’s a HS static, it’s an N110. That’s all there really needs to be said.

If in doubt, consult here… https://www.fuzzwork.co.uk/evelopedia/index.php?title=List_of_All_W-Space_Systems


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Can you provide the jsig so i can see what the PI is like and effects etc etc
Pm if ya prefer



Both PI and effects have already been listed…

Edited post after receiving your email i can confirm the screenshot is legit of the PI available for the class one Jsig you sent me. It is actually a very nice Hole.


I’ll contact you by evemail tomorrow after work.

The details provided are genuine. I’d appreciate it if you edited your post, as you couldn’t be any further from the truth.


Details sent via in-game evemail.

free bump as well

Orion ?

is this WH still for sale ?


Yes this wormhole is still for sale :slight_smile:

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Still a great price and still for sale.

Hi Orion
How much to rent Docking rights for a single alt per week?


This post is for a Wormhole sale, not temporary docking rights.


Orion ,

pls contact me ingame about your WH

Wormhole sold for 6 billion ISK.

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