WTS: C2-NS/C5 No Effect WH

C2 No effect
C5 and Null Sec Static, perfect for kspace and wormhole PvP
4 Structures, including fits and clone bays
Clean Moons
Rolling BS / HICs included
Fuel, Ammo, Scripts for all structures included
Can also include home defence ships, so you’re immediately set up on purchase

1 Storm
2 Barren
3 Gas
1 Temperate
1 Ice

Price: 15b (Includes the Fort, and 3 Astras, roller bs/hics) If you want the extras, let me know
Please register interest in this forum post, I will get back to you ingame.

Still for sale

Still for sale!

Class wormhole just waiting for some good owners.

No takers?

Might be interested. When can we talk?

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