WTS C2 with Highsec & C4 Statics


(Lion Drome) #1

Greetings. I would have a wormhole for sale with the following information.

System name: J165357
Static connections: Highsec & C4
System effect: None
Planets: 7, https://imgur.com/a/hp3uH6E For details on resources
Structures: Customs offices, abandoned.
Price: 1.5 Billion

WTB C1-C3 Wormhole
(Lion Drome) #2

Buy yourself a new home with great ISK making potential.

(Tohrazer Hextech) #3

Is there a citadel or are you charging 1.5bn for just the entrance?

(Lion Drome) #4

The price is for the entrance. No structures in system besides the customs offices.

(Lion Drome) #5

Good home for a new owner, or owners! Do buy it before someone else buys it before you.

(Lion Drome) #6

A wormhole looking for a new owner that’ll take good care of it, offers great ISK making potential in return.

(Lion Drome) #7

Wormhole is still for sale.

(Predvodnica LSG) #8

And a will be,
for loooong time :rofl::rofl::rofl:

(Peta Chieve) #10

I’ll Offer 200M