WTS C2 with NS/C5 static

Uninhabited C2 with NS/C5 static for good nullsec roaming content available. Astrahus included.

J122524 (no effect)

Price: 4 Bil (lowered)

Contact me for more info.

Still for sale

Still available

Still for sale

Still available, price negotiable.

if i pay 6b can we do this today?

3b offer

Your bid is noted! I’m waiting on a reponse to an offer ingame, but I’ll keep you posted.

Still available

Still for sale

Still available

Still for sale

is 2.5 bil ok? i can send it right now

i’m ok with the price. Let me just sort out an entrance before you send the ISK.

I have send the isk 2.5b, anja nukky is also my char :slight_smile:

Hi Friedel Aivoras,

please can you sort this with another corp citadel in J122524 ? we would like to have no part in this so if you can please let me know ASAP if not i would like you return this 2.5bil.

Fly Safe

Hey @Proffesor_Hellingen

It appears as though there’s a decent chance you’ve been scammed in here. I’d be pleasantly surprised if you got your isk back.

In the future; for any sort of transaction where money/assets are changing hands I would recommend using a third party to protect yourself. @Elizabeth_Norn is well known, trustworthy third party; I’d recommend utilizing her services for any future transactions of this nature.

Good luck to you (and sorry to OP if if I mislabled you too quickly haha)!!

i will sort it out

thx Friedel Aivoras

ISK sent back, WH will be sold to a different party