WTS C3/lowsec Turn Key Wormhole

Hello All,

I have for sale an excellent turn key C3 wormhole with a lowsec static for the discerning buyer who has the manpower to make use of it.

1 Fortizar (fit but not rigged)
1 Azbel (fit)
1 Ritaru (fit)
9 Athanors (fit one with grading rig) moon drilling
10 moons pos locked
44 moons total
4 Rorquals (two t2 rigs unfit otherwise, two un-rigged unfit)
2 Revelations (unfit)
1 Apostle (unfit)
4 Tempests (fit rollers)
3 Domies (fit)
15days fueled and currently mining
Various other stuffs…

Any interest please respond here preferably.

How do I tag to WORMHOLES?

Interested! What will it cost? Please link details of hole as well!

What is the PI like. How many of the 15 Planetary Resources are available in this hole? What is your asking price?

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