WTS C3 WH/ HS Connection - Structures and Caps Pre-Installed only 10 Bil :) - sold



Willing to negotiate on price! Everything you need to start making tons of isk semi-passively! If you are willing to pay asking price we will even throw in a spreadsheet for buying reaction materials and selling for profit :wink:


Bump. Price dropped to 15 bil or best offer!



Price has lowered. Liquidating at 10 Bil. will not go lower. This is for a anchored Azbel, Fortizar, and Athanor along with 2 Nidhoggers!

I’m interested. I could do 10B for all of this - Although it seems a bit too good to be true to be honest. Do you have a broker in mind?

never done this before. message Fatfarmer Lind in game?

Please convo me in game. Or mail me. I am online now tho

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