WTS C4 5-2 WH w/ Astra

Hello everyone,

Looking to sell our C4 5-2 static wormhole. Fitting astra, appx two months fuel. Also comes with 5 rolling Tempest. 1 rolling Praxis. 1 rolling Devoter.

J-Sig J142241

Price: asset value at 5 bil.
Please post here or send mail in game.

Still looking for a buyer

Still up for grabs. Make your isk back in the first day of krabbing!

Move in ready! Rollers! Just bring your krab fleet and start making isk today!

Still open for a new owner!

still for sale

Looking for a new home? Right here

Still looking to sell

I am once again asking you to buy this wormhole.

Hi mate,
Will send message in game :+1:

Still up for grabs as of right now.

Still looking thanks

still for sale

Turnkey, get your new home now! Move in today!

Still Looking for a new owner