WTS C4 C2/C4 Wormhole + Structures Included

WTS C4 C2/C4 WH + Structures

Vanilla System with 6 planets and 41 moons.
23.67 AU Radius
3 Gas, 2 Barren, 1 Lava
All planets have Custom Offices.

Fully fit Astrahus with a Cloning bay.
Fully fit Raitaru with “Standup Hyasyoda Research Lab”, “Standup Manufacturing Plant I”, “Standup Invention Lab”
Fully fit Athanor with “Standup Cloning Center”, “Standup Reprocessing Facility”, “Standup Moon Drill”

Asking price is 3.5 Bil Isk.
Price Reduced 2b insta or best offer! All Pocos will be transferred to you upon purchase.

Leave a message here or send mail to Jasper Uitra.



Bump! Price reduced!

Bump! Still for SALE- Price updated - Info Updated as well

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