WTS C4 WH fully equipped with caps and freighters

Greetings Investors

Due to lack of activity and leadership retirement, we are led to sell our fully equipped C4 wormhole.
I won’t be too precise on the composition but you can count on 6+ fax/dread capitals and 20+ freighters.
Naturally the exact numbers will be disclosed in private once we have established you are not a well-known enemy of WH space.
We also have a home defense BS fleet to sell but this one is completely optional as we can extract it once the new inhabitants are in place.
The Fortizar with fit and POCOs will be included of course.

While this is posted with a fresh alpha account to hide the exact location in an effort to avoid the destruction of those locked ships, there is a good chance that this offer will not be available for very long.
That being said, we did flip the Fortizar, all asset but home def have been evacuated, and we still have a ton of freighters to repackage 10 times what we need, leaving very few incentives for any potential attacker.
The best an attacker could hope for is to spectate a massive insurance fraud.

Some more system details : large size system 50+ AU, PI average with 8+ planets, and static C5/C2

If you are interested in the relocation of your corp, please contact this alpha toon to chat directly in game or send me a mail with your discord and it will be a pleasure to talk more in details.

Fly Safe o7

Offer still available

Come claim all those assets for yourself

Offer still available

Don’t waste your money on building caps with today’s prices

Offer still open

Want a peacefull life in C4 far away from the wormhole war ? contact me :slight_smile:

Send me details please.