WTS C5-C2 M-Control Tower/ Astra /Revelation

c5-c2 with fully fitted M-Control Tower/ Astra /Revelation
System has no effect.

Starting Bid: 6.5B
Buyout: 8B

J-tag won’t be provided unless deal is made.

Still on saling

6.5 Bil

There are currently 7b bids

Is there a higher bid?

How is the rev fitted?
PVE? PVP? Rolling?

PVE rev
3x Dual Giga Pulse Laser || 2x Quad Mega Pulse Laser ||

I am interested for 8b, at buyout price, assuming a reasonable agreement is made for transferring the assets.

Please evemail me to discuss.


I’ve sent you email in the game

still on sale

If you are interested, please contact me

7.7b offer made in game pending transfer arrangements

Still for sale?

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