WTS C5 Cataclysmic Wormhole With Full fit t2 Astra

(Rarthtaka) #1

As title says WTS

WTS C5 Cataclysmic Wormhole - (C4 static) - With Full fit t2 astra with standup fighters

Price is 2 bill for the location + astra transferred (astra worth 4bill) total price 6 bill

Sites can make you up to 250 mill a site or 550 if you kill drifter.

Message me in game

(Lamori Machai) #2

I am interested. I am or will be in game most of the day today. Please message to hash out the deal

(Rarthtaka) #3

Still want to sell price dropped to 6bill leaving wormhole space need to liquidate.

(Rarthtaka) #4

make and offer, still for sale

(system) #5

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