WTS C5 Vanilla with C2 Static

Looking to sell an empty WH perfect for a good old Krab.

No structures apart from a dead stick.

500M and will get you in ASAP.

Mail me or reply to the topic if you want it.

Planets in system
Barren x3
Lava x1
Storm x1
Gas x3

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so how does this work? i pay you 500mil then you show me the path to the wormhole? once i’ve moved in, then you bring your friends to evict me out so you can restart the whole scam process again? am i understanding this deal correctly? what am i missing?

Hi Tangarchik, no scam I show you in the hole. You can roll it behind me and then your new home awaits you.

500M ISk is not worth a scammer’s reputation. If you are interested let me know.


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WH sold.

Please close the thread.

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