WTS C6/C1 Vanilla

Highly lucrative capital farming with a very easily rolled static that also provides amazing HS logistics.

Hole comes with fitted Fortizar, Azbel, Astrahus, Athanor and large faction POS.
Other items include:
A suite of rolling ships including yachts, HIC’s, Battleships and Carriers
Many fit krabbing naglfars
A site running rorqual
A Providence
Spare mods and everything you need to rat in a C6.

Buyer can pick and choose what structures and items they want in hole, the rest can be unanchored/moved out if necessary, with exception to the fortizar which is rigged.

Prices/evepraisels will be discussed with those who inquire.



contact me in game with price tyriien stark lets see if we can make a deal


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