WTS caldari indy alrounder

(Gareth GreyGhost) #1


want to sell but unsure so make offers will sell before downtime if good one comes in
no ingame offers only here
positive wallet
npc corped ready
eve broad specks for itself

(Beekillrz) #2

40b buy out.

(Gareth GreyGhost) #3

i can accept that now if you like?

(Beekillrz) #4

yes sure, just confirm the offer and i’ll send the isk & account name

(Gattanera) #5

41 bil

(Gareth GreyGhost) #6

confirm for 40b beekillrz waiting on isk thanks

(Beekillrz) #7

isk & account sent.

(Gareth GreyGhost) #8

isk and account received and character transfer in process thanks

(Beekillrz) #9

Received thx.

(system) #10

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