WTS Caldari Pilot 6.3 M SP

1.5 Million unallocated

No kill rights
Positive wallet
Located in Jouvulen III - Science and Trade Institute School


Blapity blap


Bumipty Bap

Bump Bump

2B Offer
its not worth even 3B

she need get at les 3.5. Can get two extractors, around 700m, but the transfer itself is 2.5, then their cost is 3.5 to be equal. Can get 4b but doubt so.

Bump Bump

5b b/o

Ok transfer the funds and email me in game the name of the account you want it transferred to.

isk and ingame mail with account info sent

ISK received and transfer initiated - thanks!

will confirm once the char has arrived o7

char has arrived thx for trade