WTS 5.2m SP, 2014, Starter, Clean History

  • 4.5m + 650k Unallocated SP, starter skills.
  • Clean Corp history
  • Docked in Rens
  • Positive Balance
  • Remap available, +2 Bonus
  • No kill rights, neutral standings, good sec status.

4b buyout

Thank you.




Can you plug her into EveMon and tell me how many injectors it would take to sit her in an Apostle or Minokawa, please?


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Sorry for late reply, long weekend - it will take 13.5 LSI for her to sit in a Minokawa or an Apostle

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3B offer


4b b/o

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Offer accepted - please send account name and ISK to this char

isk and account name sent

Isk received, transfer initiated

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