WTS Cap Ship BPOs & Cap Comp BPOs

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Looking to unload an extra set of Cap Ships and Cap Comp BPOs. All prices can be discussed. All BPOs are located in Jita. Please contact me via eve mail or post below if interested.


Nidhoggur Blueprint (7ME 10TE) @ 1.5 Bill Sold
Thanatos Blueprint (8ME 14TE) @ 2.5 Bill Sold
Archon Blueprint (7ME 10TE) @ 1.5 Bill Sold
Chimera Blueprint (7ME 10TE) @ 2.2Bill Sold


Naglfar Blueprint (8ME 14TE) @ 3.5Bill Sold


Rorqual Blueprint (8ME 14TE) @ X.X Bill ( price can be discussed) Sold

Capital Components (all BPOs are 10/20)

Capital Armor Plates Blueprint @ 2.5 Bill Sold 2.1 Bill Sold
Capital Capacitor Battery Blueprint @ 2.1 Bill
Capital Cargo Bay Blueprint @ 1.8 Bill
Capital Clone Vat Bay Blueprint @ 2.6 Bill
Capital Computer System Blueprint @ 1.8 Bill
Capital Construction Parts Blueprint @ 1.8Bill Sold
Capital Corporate Hangar Bay Blueprint @ 2.2 Bill
Capital Doomsday Weapon Mount Blueprint @ 3.4 Bill
Capital Drone Bay Blueprint @ 1.7 Bill Sold
Capital Jump Bridge Array Blueprint @ 4.9 Bill
Capital Jump Drive Blueprint @ 2.1Bill Sold
Capital Launcher Hardpoint Blueprint @ 2.1Bill
Capital Power Generator Blueprint @ 2.4Bill Sold
Capital Propulsion Engine Blueprint @ 2.1Bill
Capital Sensor Cluster Blueprint @ 2.0 Bill Sold 1.9 Bill
Capital Shield Emitter Blueprint @ 2.6 Bill Sold
Capital Ship Maintenance Bay Blueprint @ 2.3 Bill
Capital Siege Array Blueprint @ 2.8 Bill Sold
Capital Turret Hardpoint Blueprint @ 2.7 Bill Sold 2.5 Bill

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