WTS Capital BPO/ tech 3 BPC

all copies and originals are located at Jita 4-4
WTS . Components:
Capital Cargo Bay Blueprint 10/20 = 1.84 bil
Capital Cargo Bay Blueprint 9/0 = 1.22bil
Capital Capacitor Control Circuit I Blueprint 10/20 = 200 mil
Capital Semiconductor Memory Cell I Blueprint 10/20 = 200 mil

4 x Nanite Repair Paste Blueprint 0/20 = 110 mil (Jita 10/20 is 70 mil, but its a shame to have 10/20 on this one, as its pure braindead badge in your collection)

1 x Confessor BPC 1/8 24 runs = 95mil
2 x Jackdaw BPC 1/8 24 runs = 102 mil

Prices are not negotiatable, but we can find some options with bulk purchases. Mail/convo for details.

More BPOs are coming, Also have few free slots if you want to have some additional researches fee lfree to convo/mail.

180 for both

sorry, unfortunately but i can not go below 195mil.


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