WTS - Capital Faction Guns, Plates, Shield extenders and boosters

(Arestes) #1

Next up on the clear-out list are the faction capital modules, I currently have the following available;

1 x Dark Blood 25000mm Steel Plates - 1.2b
2 x Dark Blood Dual Giga Beam Laser - 2.5b/unit
1 x Dark Blood Quad Mega Pulse Laser - 2.5b/unit
2 x Domination Capital Shield Booster - 1.1b/unit
6 x Domination Hexa 2500mm Repeating Cannon - 800m/unit
9 x Domination Quad 3500mm Siege Artillery - 450m/unit
7 x Domination Quad 800mm Repeating Cannon - 1.4b/unit
1 x Dread Guristas Capital Shield Booster - 820m/unit
7 x Dread Guristas Capital Shield Extender - 650m/unit
8 x Dread Guristas Rapid Torpedo Launcher - 550m/unit
8 x Dread Guristas XL Cruise Missile Launcher - 500m/unit
14 x Dread Guristas XL Torpedo Launcher - 600m/unit
2 x Shadow Serpentis Ion Siege Blaster - 800m/unit
7 x True Sansha Dual Giga Pulse Laser - 1.2b/unit
6 x True Sansha Quad Mega Pulse Laser - 3b/unit

All located in Jita 4-4.

Thank you,


(Arestes) #2

Whoops! Nearly forgot about this one.

Back up ya go.

(Vily) #3

1 x Dread Guristas Capital Shield Booster - 820m/unit


(Arestes) #4

Forgot about this one, upupup

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