WTS Caps (FAUX, Carrier, Dread. All NPC stations)

7 Minokawa (Derelik, Curse)
4 Apostle (Derelik, Domain)
2 Archon (Tash-Murkon, Sinq Liason)
2 Lif (Metropolis, Domain)
2 Chimera (Aridia, Khanid)
2 Moros (Kerelik, Heimatar)
1 Ninazu (Heimatar)
1 Thanatos (Stain)

Most are unfit, but one or two have some fuel and rigs. Contact me if you want the specifics.
Eve mail this toon, PM me on the forums, whatever you like.

One minokawa gone. One offer to bulk buy all, one offer for all caps in derelik, domain and tash. Some may or may not be available by the time you message me.

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