WTS Moros/Thanatos/Obelisk (SOLD)

Coming back to EVE after a long break and I’m trying to sell these so I can PLEX my accounts and fly the ships in need to so I can make money.

All were last used in 2016.

Moros is in Otou. Has dated fit, but is fueled and equipped for moving. Faction guns and repper. Jita price for all contents+ship is 2.8 bil. Hoping to get 2.6.

Thanatos is in Otou. Has dated fit but is fueled and equipped for moving. Faction repper. Mix or t1 and t2 fighters. Jita price for all contents+ship is 2 bil. Hoping to get 1.8.

Obelisk is in Odebeinn. Cannot view contents because it is still in asset safety. I can probably get it out, but that would require all of my isk at the moment, so I want to wait until I have a buyer or something else sells. Asking 900mil+90% Jita value of contents.

Willing to negotiate price.

I can move a toon around and remove things from ships buyer does not want.

Willing to consider assisting purchaser with moving the ships.

4b for both Moros and Thanny.

I can do that. Send me in-game message to me with the name of the character you want them contracted to, referencing this post. If you want scouts or something, let me know in that message as well. If not, fly safe. I will contract them to you alter receiving the message.

EDIT: If you want them contracted to the character you posted with, I cam just go ahead and do that right away. just let me know.

Plz contract to this char.

Thx in advance.

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Contract is up. You’re welcome! Almost shed a tear… end of an era for me, lol.

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