WTS Caps in low-sec/npc null (ALL SOLD)

  • Updated the list with appraisal results.

  • There may be odd and various stuff in ships’ cargo, fuel bay, maint bay that may be included.

  • Some items have been sold.

  • All items have been sold. Thank you.

Rorqual - fitted, fueled - 8 bil - SOLD
Thanatos - unfitted, fueled - 3 bil - SOLD
Phoenix - HAW-fitted, fueled - 5 bil - SOLD
Apostle - fitted, fueled - 6 bil - SOLD
Apostle - fitted, fueled - 6 bil - SOLD
Rorqual - fitted, fueled - 8 bil - SOLD
Revelation - HAW-fitted, fueled - 6 bil - SOLD
Apostle - fitted, fueled - 6 bil - SOLD
Revelation - fitted, fueled - 4 bil - SOLD
Revelation - fitted, fueled - 4 bil - SOLD
Chimera - fitted, fueled - 4 bil - SOLD
Thanatos - fitted, fueled - 3,5 bil - SOLD
Revelation - fitted, fueled - 4 bil - SOLD
Minokawa - fitted, fueled - 5,5 bil - SOLD
Aeon - legacy rigged, fitted, fueled - 55 bil - SOLD

They are sold as-is, from a time when there was a dead coalition.
msg me in-game for details about the fittings, fuel specifics and offers.

Sent pm

Hello I would be interested in buying a nice amount if not all your caps, assuming they are proper fits and not random cheap mods fitted I will take all the apostoles, all the revs (except the haw) and the Aeon, I may be willing to buy the rest depending on what their fits.

I am also interest in the Rorqual, Revs, and Thannies in Villasen and X-7
Mail me fits if you can

The post have been updated with evepraisals to see contents of each ship.

Ill take both Revs and Thanny in Villasen

Interested in buying the lot. Evemail sent

Mino in Daras to this character please

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