WTS char 60kk, 40kkk price

no killrights
++ vailet


I can offer 37b right now

I’ll think about it, and wait for more suggestions, maybe I’ll write to you

38b ?

I need 40 to pay off my debts

No sorry i cant go higher

Well, if no one writes to me today, I’ll make a deal with you

Ok thx you

See implants, you need to add a price

Sorry but implants doesnt really matters

are we making a deal ?

For 38b why not. Just let me know and i will send you the ISK


Ok sending ISK and acount info.

Thx you

error( wait…

Maybe try with an other way to pay. If it doesnt works at all, send a ticket to CCP

this is some pressure to push him to make the deal now

I think that just the payment site is not responding right now

another payment method doesn’t help either