WTS Char SP 14.7M Mining Perfect hulk TII ++

Pilote mining barge + Crystal TII

Plus loads of other skills to decent levels.

No JC’s and located in HI (Caldari).

No kill rights, Positive security status

In NPC Corp

Positive Isk Balance.

2 remap available

Make me offern, negociate open
B/O : 13.5b

9 bill

9.5 bil


11 bil


daily bump

daily bump

12 bil

daily bump

daily bump

update B/O 13,5B

Polite bid for 12,5

13.5 b/o

Haukz : 13.5 b/o ==> Offer Accepted

Contact me ingame

will do!

we start conversation in game as soon as possible … server down

yeah i cant logg in

im online