WTS Character 69M


Allocated Skill Points 69,219,580
Unallocated Skill Points 45,255
Security Status -0.75
Located in Jita
No kill rights
Positive Wallet
1 Remaps

All CCP rules apply

43B Starting

i will give a 42b offer


Confirming the char is beeing sold

daily bump!

daily bump!

daily bump!

41 bil

Thank you for your bid, however I am setting the starting price.

daily bump!

daily bump!

daily bump!

daily bump!


I accept the offer, I wait for the account information and isk

Please send the isk to the account for sale.

Borg Zorg

ISK send,please start character transfer,thank you!


19 Oct 2021 13:13

EVE Character transfer

Payment Method

MasterCard *

Account Information


1 x EVE Character transfer




VAT included

Char transfer done

Char sold