WTS Chremoas

Chremoas - SOLD

Virtuoso - SOLD

Ill start you off with 150B for the Virt.

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350 for the chrem

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165B Virt

170 :slight_smile:

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180 Virt

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185 :parrot:


190 :dancer:

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195! :parrot:

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200b :trumpet:

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200b bid for the virt going for 48 hours, then its yours.


300 billions for Chremoas… serious offer with isk ready. will not up bid, this is max offer.

The current bid is for 350. 300 is wildly low.

oh well, keep holding the bag then… cash is king at the moment :rofl:

Ok will do

Awaiting contract :slight_smile:

Bump, Chremoas still available.