WTS/WTT Imp best frigate in game to date

Mail me your ISK or trade offers or post on this thread.



my god that video, I am inspired to welp this thing. 140 bill bid

Low ball!

ISK preferred but I would accept a trade for a Chremoas if you have one that you wish to make a trade. Mail me

to the top

Tiamat + isk?

No thanking you.

I prefer isk however I would accept a trade of Chremoas+small amount of isk for it.

mail sent

Offers are close to the mark. Still open for more.

Interested in Chremoas trade.

Hi, what is current high cash bid?

I have various bids, cash 250b. I welcome the bidders to post them here for transparency.

I have also a Chremoas owner speaking to me

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