Wts Covert Cyno ship


Chremoas hull for sale

Located in hisec near Jita

No killmarks just empty hull

no seriously just buy this piece of junk


price :)?

Open to offers

250b my man.

260b offer

265 bill

Bids are low.

But up we go

Up we go

mail me your price or trades you want


Mail sent

No reply to mail.

Still for sale

Get this fancy ship

Yea sorry, not interested at 375.

You also offered it to someone else for 365, so I am not sure you’re SUPER set on price yet :stuck_out_tongue: so let me know when you are

Thats fine you were the first person to have legit interest in it so i just threw a number out there.

I never heard a reply so i thought u felt number was too high and ignored it. I know now that was not the case. Feel free to make a counter offer.

Still for sale

Additionally any offers from @Serenity_Fireslayer are null and void as he is confirmed as a scammer

300 billion

Last one sold for 350b so i wont be accepting any offers lower than that

Still for sale

Up we go

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