*** WTS Covert Ops Cyno 5 UNBURT - Low 3.5B Buyout ***

(Red Fox Star) #1


Pos wallet, no kill rights, in jita, no history

(Red Fox Star) #2

to the top

(Stuu Reborn) #3

Will give you 3 Bil

(v3rmin) #4

I offer 3.5b, valid until I find the pilot I’m looking for.

(Red Fox Star) #5

v3rmin, 3.5 is the buyout on this char.
Please send 3.5 bil and account name, and I will send char now.

(v3rmin) #6

Isk and account info for transfer sent. Please confirm once transfer is started.

(Red Fox Star) #7

done, ty

(system) #8

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