*** WTS Covert Ops Cyno 5 UNBURNT - Low 3.5B Buyout ***

(Alpha Red One) #1


pos wallet, in jita, no kill rights, no history

(Alpha Red One) #2

Lowered Buy Out to 3.5Bil

(alpha xero) #3

@Alpha_Red_One accepted. but you need to update your API http://prntscr.com/gisavh
i dont like that red bar above this character.

(Alpha Red One) #4

Alpha xero, are you buying my toon? I have not got any isk.
Thank You for the api tip. Will update now.

(Alpha Red One) #5

eveboard fixed, ty

(alpha xero) #6

was waiting for the API, i will transfer ISK in few hours when i get back home.

(alpha xero) #7

ISK and account info sent. please check eve mail.

eve mail should be from chracter “Alocose thedescroyer desamation”

(Alpha Red One) #8

Alpha xero, you only sent 3 Bil. please send the other .5 bil and I will send toon.
Thank You.

(alpha xero) #9

LOL sorry my bad.

(alpha xero) #10

.5 sent

(Alpha Red One) #11

char sent ty

(alpha xero) #12

thank you

(system) #13

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