WTS Cruser/Mining Barge BPOS ME 10 / PE 20

Want to clear all my BPO stock of cruisers
140M each Cruiser BPO
2.2B Procurer
3.4B Covetor
Do not mail ingame please. Thanks

Whats left

Mining Barge

Procurer 2
Retriver [SOLD]
Covetor 1

Amarr :
Arbitrator 1
Augoror 2
Maller 1
Omen [SOLD]

Caldari :
Blackbird 2
Caracal 1
Moa [SOLD]
Osprey 3

Celestis [SOLD]
Exequror [SOLD]
Thorax 5
Vexor 1

Bellicose 2
Rupture [SOLD]
Scythe 5
Stabber [SOLD]

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i’d like one caracal, please

Contract up for Trudy, sorry for delay. Thanks

Can I get a Scythe?

Contract up. Thanks

location ?

Jita 4-4


Can I get Osprey Caracal Scythe please

Also any discount for buying 3 :slight_smile:

Oï !

I’m interested in a Vexor BPO, but I can’t log on the game until 5pm (Paris hour). How much do you sell them, please ?

5m per bpo discount

Contract up for 140m. Thanks

Could I get an Arby, Thorax and Vexor?

Contract up! Thanks

Contract is up. Thanks