WTS Dark Blood Tracking Disruptor

Possibly unique item that doesn’t exist on the market as of right now. Located in Jita. Taking offers.

1b isk


2b ISK

2.5b isk

3b ISK

3.5b isk

4b ISK

5b ISK

5.1b ISK

5.5b isk

7b ISK

Now I could be wrong, but you might be a troll and full of ■■■■.

If his bump bump bumps are ■■■■ like i think they are, I would make a reasonable offer at 1.5 to as high as 2b isk. Great looking item, but not worth more than that.

I’m not a troll, all my offers are legit and I’ve got more than enough ISK.

Offer still stands, 7B ISK

bump auction will continue for 1 more week

Sold or not?


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