WTS: Dedicated 18mil SP Naglafar pilot

(undefeated) #1

PW : 1234

18mil SP, all towards Naglafar + cyno field theory
TWR lvl5 for Siege II
Large Projectile Turret lvl5 for T2 guns

(JuleBruus) #2

Does it come with a fitted Naglfar?

(undefeated) #3

Yes, made it more clear

(JuleBruus) #4

Oki, i’d bid you 7B for it

(Gina Panala) #5

7.5b @undefeated

(JuleBruus) #6

8.0b :slight_smile:

(Popo big) #7


(Brock Khans) #8

Per bazaar rules items and ships can’t be included in the sale. I’d settle they before hand ina private contract separate from this

(Avallah) #9

11,5 bil

(JuleBruus) #10

12 bil

(undefeated) #11

Ah, thanks, good point.

(Avallah) #12

12,5 b

(JuleBruus) #13

13 bil

(Avallah) #14

13,5 bil

(JuleBruus) #15

14 bil, how long will this go on? :smiley:

(Avallah) #16

I’m here only to get more ISK for this pilot :slight_smile:

14,5 bil

(danksbanksstank Hinken) #17

Still available? And end time?

(Nai Nesealc) #18

17 billion

(undefeated) #19

Lets make the end time today 22 GMT so we can get this over with.

Thank you all for interest, especially the deep pocket people :slight_smile:

(Nai Nesealc) #20

I believe the timer has been reached :slight_smile: