WTS Draccous Fortizar - Jita 4-4 - SOLD

Draccous Faction Fortizar in Jita 4-4


bumping on up

to the top

bumping up

bumpin on up

to the top

up and up

bumping up

still for sale

41.5 offer

Thank you for the offer. I’d be willing to let it go for 43.5 if you can come up a bit

I’ll take it at 43.5. Contract to me.

I’ll offer 44b

@TraderJules Contract up. Thanks

Hello, I’m sorry, I retract my offer

@John_Pope_Arji Looks like you are the lucky winner at 43.5! Which toon would you like contracted?

Contract not accepted 24h later, therefore still for sale!

I can do 43.5b, contract to in game name “saint irene”, thank you.

Contract up to the toon you mentioned for 43.5b

accepted, thanks