WTS Amarr "Draccous" Faction Fortizar **Sold**

Location Jita 4-4 by private contract only looking for 58B as one sold in The Forge recently for 59.12 I believe

The structure bonuses include:

-25% reduction to in citadel and service module consumption
-15% reduction in time requirements for all manufacturing jobs
-3% ISK reduction required for manufacturing jobs

Pretty darn awesome buy your shiny space fortizar today!

Get your home system a non abandonable structure today!

Again the price im asking for is 58B buyout all reasonable offers will be considered.


Bumparooski still 58 or best offer as a reply or eve mail please, I am interested in trades as well make me an offer via eve mail <3

Would you be interested in a Wyvern and some isk ? As a trade ?

Sorry friend ended up using it in a trade ty for interest Kilo

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